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From idea to video
Your vision comes to life

A video that attracts investors and speaks for itself

Creating quality content
Video marketing strategy
From idea to video
Animation for business
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Your revolutionary idea must be presented in a unique and different way

It must be clear and abstract for the purpose of raising funds

It must be presented visually and dynamically

He must tell a story that evokes emotions in the viewers

He must convey complex ideas and deep messages in seconds

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Promotional videos
animation video
Animation videos for business
Video campaign
Animated image video
Videos for entrepreneurs
Animated video for business
High quality animated video
Marketing animation video
Music for videos
animated videos
A unique script
Recruiting investors
Entrepreneurs and businesses
Investor presentation
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Animated videos
animated videos
Fitz for investors
Marketing video for business

I worked with Tali for a promotional video for Lahav - the Chamber of Independent and Business Organizations in Israel. Tali is super professional - attentive, she understood the needs of the organization, and also made a mark in the planning of the video and of course in its design. It was fun to work with her and there is no doubt that we will work together in the future as well

-Lahav organization-


Production of animated videos for businesses
מי אני
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יצירת קשר
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Making an animated video
video clip
Recruiting for a startup
Simple and easy explanation
Simplifying complex ideas
Business marketing
animated films
YouTube funny videos
Create an animated character


הצעת מחיר
Business campaign
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