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 From a concept to motion 
Your idea, our animation 

true colors animation


Yes, I want to hear more about such a video
In a short call and at no cost we will explain to you exactly how

Animation videos are powerful conveyors of complex ideas in a dynamic, visually engaging language that grab the attention of

the busiest individuals

Animation video production
Animation in motion
Animation in motion
How to edit an animated video
Marketing video for business
WHITEBOARD animation
Animated explanatory videos
Animation video production
Animation techniques

Who am I

My name is Taly Warmund, and I create animated and video content

(video integrated into animation).

I founded TRUECOLORS ANIMATION with the goal of translating ideas from the language of entrepreneurs to the language of investors.

My videos play a crucial role in connecting and promoting startups in the field of entrepreneurship.

The animation videos portray the bigger picture of the idea or product beyond words, requiring a lot of patience, knowledge, and extensive experience in the fields of technology and entrepreneurship.

I have acquired these skills through project management and R&D in the software industry for many years, along with studies in art, creativity, advertising, and personal development.

You are welcome to visit my portfolio, right here below.

מי אני

What type of video would you like to create ?

Campaign's video

A concise, compelling marketing video with a powerful message to boost your sales

Entrepreneur's videos

Busy investors will spare a minute to watch a world-changing idea video

Product videos

60 seconds of animated video can present an entire story of a business, person or product

Digital courses content

In the digital course era, sharing extensive knowledge is easy and effective

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Animated marketing video
Animated logo design
Animation branding
Animated promotional videos
Animated marketing video
Animated product demos
Animated infographic
Cartoon animation
Animation for brands
Animation in marketing
e-learning in animation
Animated tutorial videos
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Video for landing pages
Video for the home page on the website
Animation design
Animated videos for landing pages
Digital courses
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Graphic animation
2D animation
Promotional videos
Drawing hand animation
סרטון מוצר
Animation for social networks
Animation for business
Facebook campaign
Animated social media content
Google campaign


Explore a diverse collection of videos I've created for individual clients, covering a wide array of topics 

תיק עבודות

The blog

I welcome you to peek behind the scenes and stay updated with the latest news, tips, and information on videos and animation

No posts published in this language yet
Once posts are published, you’ll see them here.
Marketing video for business
Animation for social media
YouTube shorts
Animated video for business
Animation techniques
יצירת קשר
סרטון לגיוס המונים
סרטון לגיוס מקשיעים

If you haven't found the ideal video to showcase your business or product, don't hesitate to get in touch with me for details on creating a tailored video

2D animation
ONE PAGER videos
Videos for recruiting investors
Light animation
Animation series production
Animation for websites
Short animated films
Promotional video production
Dynamic animation


Types of animation

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