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Over the past few years, our existence has become intertwined with the vast realm of the internet and the digital sphere. This transformation has touched every facet of our lives, influencing our social connections, family bonds, professional endeavors, educational pursuits, and more.

The very methods through which we interact have undergone a profound shift. Social distancing, a necessary response to recent global challenges, has compelled us to adapt and engage in remote communication and learning. It has ushered in a remarkable opportunity to explore uncharted territories of knowledge acquisition and rekindle dormant skills, perhaps long neglected, all from the comfort of our own homes.

Digital course - what is it??

Ever wondered what a digital course really is? Think of it as a valuable digital treasure trove, chock-full of information that's stored electronically and protected by copyright. These information gems come in a variety of forms, including:

  • Documents (PDFs)

  • Books (eBooks)

  • Audio files (Podcasts)

  • Videos and Movies

  • Images

  • Logos

  • Animations

  • Presentations

These digital wonders are accessed and enjoyed through our trusty digital devices, like computers, phones, and tablets.


Now, what's inside this treasure chest of knowledge? Well, a digital course is a carefully curated collection of digital materials. It could be a symphony of audiobooks, a visual spectacle of videos, a gallery of photos, or even a blend of all of these. Their sole purpose? To educate and enrich minds on a specific topic. Plus, these digital gems are easy to distribute and trade.

Digital courses are the key to unlocking new skills and self-improvement. They offer a world of possibilities for eLearning, and here's why:

In today's digital age, students are at home with computers. Transitioning from traditional classrooms to the digital realm is a breeze. Study from anywhere, anytime, harmonize your learning with your busy life, and allow each learner to chart their unique educational journey at their own pace.

  1. Live Courses: Join the action in Facebook groups, Zoom meetings, or other webinar platforms.

  2. Recorded Lessons: Bite-sized, pre-recorded lessons, usually under 15 minutes in duration. They're brought to life using Tselem.T, whether by an independent creator or through clever screenshots.

These digital courses are like goldmines waiting to be discovered, and they can be stored and sold on specialized websites, making them a lucrative digital asset. But the real magic happens when we add a sprinkle of storytelling and mix in colorful, entertaining animations. This not only makes learning more engaging but also packages a wealth of knowledge in a fresh and exciting way that captivates the audience.

So, what's a digital course? It's your key to a world of knowledge and skills, all wrapped up in the wonders of digital technology.

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