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true colors

From concept to video
Your vision and business come to life

Animation has an extraordinary ability to transport audiences to unimaginable worlds, where characters and stories come to life.

The use of animation is a branding move in which the emotional connection creates a bypass on our decision-making mechanism, with fun, with a smile and without us noticing it.

The booklet details what the superpowers of animation are and how we should harness them for the benefit of our business:

This is how you will integrate animated videos into the marketing strategy of the business


:A Free Guide

The Superpowers of Animation

במדריך תלמדו מהם כוחות העל של האנימציה ואיך לרתום אותם לטובת העסק :

How to create a storyboard

How to choose an animation style

Aspect ratio (resolution) and more

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Custom animated characters
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