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The easy way to market in video without taking a picture

Video for the shy

The only program in which you will study theThe method market the business online,  With the help of a bunch of characters and animated videos, without having to stand in front of itCamera 

Come and learn how to create animated videos yourself with a unique marketing message for your business

Producing video content for social media helps establish brand awareness on growing video-centric platforms such as YouTube, TikTok

and Instagram Reels

Reels and Tiktok

YouTube is the second largest search engine so using videos improves SEO

Presence on social networks

Many people learn better through visual means and remember about 95% of the information they consumed through videos:

Webinars, training videos, demo videos

Avatar for business

Videos increase the involvement of surfers on the site - they make them surf it longer

Increasing the involvement of surfers

Presence on social networks =
Know you = interested in you = customers = money

Some people are shy or those who don't feel comfortable in front of a camera and don't feel like taking pictures of themselves.

I too, as a business owner, tried to film myself in a marketing video and I really didn't like the result.

 In many articles I read, I realized that the amount of videos and visual content is constantly increasing on the networks, so I must not give up the video marketing strategy.

In my search, I completely discovered by chance the possibility of using animation as a marketing tool that connects to emotion through the inner child in us, through the many characters and avatars that can be used to convey the business message. I realized that it is possible to control the characters - how they will look, what they will do and what they will say, control the setting, without it depending on what mood I got up in the morning or whether I was under time pressure when I dispersed the children in the morning.

Why should you have an avatar in a changing and socially distant world?

Imagine a future where everyone has a virtual persona that they use on social media, in video calls, a persona that is  "virtual ET" which operates simultaneously on a variety of platforms  And it is your expression in the rapidly developing digital world. 

Imagine entering a magical room, where you can change your appearance in any way you choose - hair, skin color, body shape, literally reshape yourself. You can do it in a humorous and creative way.

You will leave this room as an avatar character in which you can present yourself in videos you create, in posts and in any other appearance on social networks as your cartoon version.

Digital technologies + social distancing = the next reality

The concept of a virtual world, which parallels the physical world, entered the mainstream landscape this year as millions of people spend hours a day in virtual social spaces in the form of hybrid offices, video-based education and online social communities delivered in digital spaces.

​ We live in new virtual spaces as a result of social distancing, working from home
Conducting virtual meetings with personal backgrounds are a unique expression of identity and an integral part of business conduct.

The name "Matvers" is becoming popular and is heard more and more.

Its meaning is the development of different virtual worlds in many areas of our lives.

Facebook recently changed its name to "META" because of its desire to integrate into these technologies and to position itself at the forefront of technology and added an add-on where anyone can create an avatar for themselves and comment using it on social networks.

the process

In the digital course we will learn all the secrets to creating your avatar -Your digital star, using accessible and easy-to-use tools

The course contains 8 chapters, with each chapter divided into short videos and a total of 44 videos, accompanied by precise and easy-to-follow instructions and accompanying materials, which will connect you to your creativity.

Each week there will be a section containing a short video, with accompanying training materials and instructions for practice.

The videos will be available to you for a whole year where you can come back and watch them if you want to create more Avastars.

Who is the course suitable for?

If you are new or old business owners of all types and sizes, who want to integrate into virtual reality and use new digital technologies, who want to start and market using video combined with animation or upgrade their videos and be unique:

For those who want to create a connection and involve the customers in the business and achieve marketing goals and objectives through visual means

For those who need to simplify the message and explanation of their product or service, even if it is at their conceptual/entrepreneurial level

For those whose field of occupation does not allow him to use self-video shooting to promote the business

For those who do not want their face to be the face of the business or company

For those who want to save time and money on expensive productions

For anyone who wants to feel confident in exposure on the networks


Program detail

In the course you will learn how to create a marketing video combined with animation for use on social networks, without a camera and step by step using free software

In 8 hours I will show you how to build a virtual star for yourself and integrate it into animated videos that you can promote on social networks

Lesson 1

What is pauton and how do you open a free pauton account

Screenshot - setting up a free account and what it provides

How to work with templates

The editor - right side

Editor - left side

Editor - middle part - the studio

Season 2

action! start creating

 The types of existing objects - search

The object bar - what does each icon mean

Right mouse click options

What are the differences between EDIT and CREATE mode

What is TIMELINE and how do you work with it?

Forms for playing the video:

A. Run from this point

B. Play from the beginning of the slide

third. Running all the slides in sequence

Shaar 3

How to import materials into Photon

 The types of materials that can be imported:

A. Pictures/Gifs

B. video

third. Voice:

C. 1. Music

C.2. Narration - VO

Shaar 4

Kanba - types of accounts

 What can you do with a free Kanba account?

Creating an avatar in Canva:

A. Types of avatars - which type of avatar is right for your business/brand?

B. You built an avatar from scratch

third. You built an avatar based on an existing character

d. You built a "modern art" type avatar (like on my site) - a combination of your photos/brand photos/various photos

God. The Walking Logo - Turning your logo into an avatar

Season 5

 Exporting works from Kanba

 Downloading a file - possible types to download

Share design with other people

Season 6

Connection between the Canna account and the Photon account

 How to connect photon to design in canvas - initial connection

How to transfer a design from Kaneba to Photon:

A. Direct transfer - through the Photon CONNECTOR

B. Export from Kenba and import into Pauton

Season 7

Avatar integration in photon video

 Import a GIF or avatar image from Canva to a photon video

The integration of the avatar in the desired place

Avatar entry and exit effects in the video

How to add narration and music to a video

How to add subtitles to a video

Season 8

Export and share files from Photon

 The types of files that can be exported from Photon

Which files should  share on social networks

Export one image from a video

Export a GIF from a video

So what did we have there? The 10 steps to creating a winning animated video

Everything is ready - come on  to share

Common questions

Your investment in the program

All this goodness for the price of only NIS 329 which can be paid in two installments, by credit card or Bit, to mobile number XXXX


From today until 1.1.22 at the price of early registration of NIS 229.



If after two classes or within 14 days from the registration date you are not satisfied, you will get your money back

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