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Animated videos for investors

Free Zoom training in   07/25/23

  Want to stand out from the competition??

This free tutorial is just for you!!

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In the training we will learn, step by step,  How do we create such videos for businesses like yours 

And how you can dramatically increase the sales of your business!

did you know About 80% of online purchases are made after watching Vida videosand

In a world crowded and flooded with offers,

The content should attract the heart and the eye

What will you discover in the training?

Creating engagement

Different types of videos and how to choose the right video for you

emotional connection

How to create an animated video that will connect with your audience

Custom avatar

What is the measure of video success?

Promoting funded

Why animated videos are so effective

A two-dimensional figure

How to use videos to achieve your marketing goals

How will you get out of the meeting?

Couple Selfie

How to convey a message in a video without taking a picture of yourself?

How to choose the correct and suitable Narrator for your video?

How to choose the topic of your video?


הדרכה אונליין ללא עלות ב- ZOOM
יום ג', 25.07.23, 11:30 - 10:30

Who is it for? 

For everyone who has fear and apprehension of a camera, of photography, of exposure

For anyone who wants to save time - photography, editing, script writing, make-up, location 

For anyone who wants to stand out from the competition in a crowded market 

For those who have not yet experienced video marketing 

For anyone who wants to simplify complex ideas

For anyone who wants to create an emotional connection with new audiences 

on the offerings

הדרכה אונליין ללא עלות ב- ZOOM
יום ג', 25.07.23, 10:30-11:30

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